Saturday, 29 September 2018
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Award winning web hosting for Indonesian businesses

A successful business is a business who has a focus on its local client base and has an eye open for international opportunities. That way, a business can grow exponentially. Simply due to the market's size, the potential is enormous when you move your focus from local to global.

And what if I tell you it is possible to expend your market following the same thing you need to do for your business in this century and get to enjoy the benefit of a much larger market?

In other words, you can increase your local market share and then as a side benefit start attracting international clients.

Our website is indeed designed for that. We provide a directory of Indonesian businesses, and by adding your business to our web site, you will get to expose your business to a much wider global audience.

But don't stop there.

An essential aspect of online commerce is to gain organic traffic to your website. Organic traffic is a visitor that comes to a website through a search engine. Let's say your business makes some handmade products, a potential customer from the US searches for your product and finds your web site through Google and then comes to your website.

There are many factors involved in gaining good SERP (Search engine result position) results. One of them is to use a proper SEO Hosting provider. In this case, we suggest our reader give Smart SEO Hosting a try. One of the benefits of this website is that they already have their content in Bahasa Indonesia. The company behind the website is an Australian company which gives a massive advantage to most Indonesian businesses as they share a close timezone.